Distinguished Scientists and Participants,

Agriculture has made important contributions to the development of human civilization. Agricultural production and quality has increased by integration of science and technology into agricultural. Especially the development in urbanization and industrialization increased the demand for agricultural products. Production pattern and density changed in order to meet this demand. Thus, animal production within the agricultural production has been integrated and herd size has increased in the controlled environment. In the meantime, hens came forward because of their advantages in meeting the animal protein needs of people. In this process, the production of other birds was carried out locally for meat, eggs and ornaments. This production system is named as alternative poultry farming and ornamental poultry farming. Alternative poultry are very important in terms of creating added value for the local economy and contributing to biodiversity. In addition, alternative poultry in the formation of local cultures and sharing of emotions have important places in the formation of community memories.


Alternative poultry farming play a role in economic, biological and cultural development of both developed and developing countries. Therefore, alternative poultry farming must be addressed at both national and international platforms with the participation of scientists and stakeholders in order to uncover its potential and popularize in Turkey. It is aimed to bring together representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, members of the breeders' associations, sector members and researchers at the 1st International Congress of Alternative Poultry and Ornamental Birds.

We invite all interested participants to our congress that will be held at Kervansaray Hotel in Antalya on 8-10 November, 2019. We will be pleased and honored with your participation to the congress that will be held for the first time in Turkey.

Congress Coordinator
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Şekeroğlu 
Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University

Congress Co-Presidents

Dr. Demir Özdemir 
Akdeniz University

Dr. M. Akif Boz
Bozok University